Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Teeth Drama

Why is it that the same time that Aiden is cutting 4 molars and yes I did say 4, that my tooth has to start hurting. Man I am so upset about that. I am in pain, he does not want to sleep at night due to the pain. I wish I could take some meds without conking out. The only thing I can take is some children chewables. The Tylenol is not doing anything for him. Going to have to give in and get me some Anbesol. Man I do not want to go to the dentist b/c they are going to want to do the crown, which is another 900 for a bad filling that they messed up. I am trying to wait for when it is warmer, the cold air now would have me crying like a baby for those 2 weeks. Oh well off to the store to get some Anbesol but first I am going here to print a $1 off coupon for the Anbesol.

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