Saturday, January 9, 2010

propane hookup

Man yesterday was long day. We tried to help my mom get more gas for the house. We had to go pick up the tank take I to the dealer to get it filled then try to hook it up once we get home. We thought we didn't need a part and come to find out we didn't. We made 2 blank trips to the part store and come to find out everything we needed was already to the house. We got the line replaced but no gas to come through. Well we found out this morning that a gas professional needs to come to check the line because the stove has an electrical start. Good thing we did not keep trying or the whole thing could have blown up. glad she has electric heaters to keep warm because it is cold in SE GA right now. Kids enjoyed the time over there chasing the cats and playing with the dogs so the time was not wasted.

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